What is coding this question is most of the peoples search on Google because coding is playing big role in technology and our life in this world we all use digital devices like smart phone and computers etc. and if we want something like food.

clothes than we immediately takeout our smart phones to order it how it’s possible? Well this all possible with the help of coding so in this article I will guide you what is coding how does it works and many more so let’s start.

What is coding?

What is coding

The coding is a precise set of instruction a computer can understand suppose you want to talk with your computer than how it’s possible? for example you have a one friend and his name is jonny and you asked jonny to 10+10 is how much than.

jonny give you the answers is 20 now think jonny is your computer and you give commend input to jonny is 10+10 and your computer give you the output 20 but computer understand only one language that is binary.

language like 0110 than how can you talk with your computer? Well you can able to talk with your computer using the high level programming languages like C C++ java python etc. why you can not able to talk with binary language? Because.

binary language is very hard if you want to run very short program in binary language  you have to write code in thousand of line so that’s why we have high level programming languages.

How does it work?

What is coding

I tell you before only computer understand only one language that is binary language and if we want to talk with computer we have to use high level programming languages like C C++ suppose I write code in C language after.

writing code when I run it it will go in compiler and compiler will convert human understandable code into machine understandable code that is binary code so it. easy to communicate with computer I hope now you get the point for more details you can learn what is system software and why it’s very very important?.

There are 4 working ways of computers:

  1. Input
  2. Memory storage
  3. Proccesing
  4. Output


For example you give command 10+10 is how much to your computer than what you called this you can called it is as  input that you given to your computer.

2.Memory storage:

When you write code it will store in our computer memory as you save your other documents.


After writing code when you run it it will go in compiler and compiler will convert all human understandable languages to machine understandable language that is binary language.


In input you give command 10+10 is how much to your computer obviously now your computer give you the 20 output this like only you can able to give so many commands to your computer.

What is the difference between coding and programming?

For us there is no difference between coding and programming both are same sometime we use coding and sometime we use programming but there is a different between this two terms for example you watching TV in your home now.

you want to change TV channel than you will press that button on your TV remote and it will change how can you able to change it? Because that remote has been programmed in such a way that it can accept human inputs and it can.

synchronize those inputs with machine outputs but behind that remote button when you press that button than channel will be changed there will be some logic and some code are there programming is a border term and coding is just subset.

of programming it like you say room VS house room is subset of house and in house you have many rooms I hope you get the point.

What is coding use for?

Now a day’s coding is used for all most every things like in cars computers smarts watch’s smart TV’s and applications because coding helping a lot and saving a time and energy so many small offline business also coming online with the help of coding.


If you are a passionate about coding and programming than I will till you just start learning programming because in features coding and programming is the highly demanded and highest paying career and job’s learning a programming is.

Not too easy that why I’m tell those peoples who have passionate about coding programming so it’s easy to learn it so I hope now you get knowledge about what is coding if you have any questions plz comment down below thanks for reading.

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