best freelance websites for beginners

Top 5 Best freelance websites for beginners? So many freelancer are confused which website is better for them because they are beginners and they want to choose.

best freelance website for there freelance career so do worry in this article I will tell you top 5 best freelance websites for beginners and advantages and disadvantages of them so without wasting time let’s get started.

Top 5 best freelance websites for beginners?


UPWORK is a most popular website in the world over 31.40 Millions peoples come on UPWORK every month, because you can able to see so many big.

freelancer and expert using UPWORK and so many freelancer are making good amount of money and they did not get so much competition on UPWORK because.

UPWORK dose note give approval to everyone so if you have a good skills than only you get approved on UPWORK the UPWORK concept is you have bit for a.

project’s or clients also come for you if you want to bit any project on UPWORK you should have a connects than only you can able to bit on any project.

 what is connects on UPWORK? The connects is like a coins like you have in games or apps and you don’t have connects than you can buy it from UPWORK it cost.

 you around $0.15 each and are sold in bundles of (10, 20, 40, 60, and 80) and for 1 bit it will use 2-5 connects depends on project’s if your biting a big project it.

takes more connects if you will buy plus membership of UPWORK you will get 70 connects for free and plus membership cost around $49.99 month.

Advantages of UPWORKS:

  • In UPWORK you can get chance to work with big companies like Microsoft AIRBNB COTY etc.
  • You can make amazing money on UPWORK I see so many freelancer expert are  making money around $100-$200 for per hour it can be more depends on your expertise.
  • Low competition you will not get so much competition on UPWORK

Disadvantages of UPWORK:

  • UPWORK will take 20% commission from you if you’re a making $500 on UPWORK you will get only $400.


The FIVERR is also a very famous website over 53.50 millions peoples come on FIVERR every month because of it easy process most of the FIVERR user is from US.

and Pakistan I also work with FIVERR in 2019 the concept of FIVERR I see when I creating account on FIVERR it’s simple just you have to give basic information of.

your services for example if you’re a web developer than you have to give information about your GIG title and select your category search tags like web.

developer price of your GIG and many more information you have to add what is GIG on FIVERR? The GIG is the service that you sell on FIVERR after completing.

you GIG information than you have to give English test on FIVERR because FIVERR want to know how your good at English it’s simple like choose the correct.

answers you have to answers the 40 question  if you pass the English test than your GIG will be publish on FIVERR GIG will start form $5 only.

Advantages of FIVERR:

  • FIVERR charge only 5% commission
  • Easy to sell your services
  • You did not want to bit on FIVERR clients only come for you

Disadvantages of FIVERR:

  • On FIVERR you will get so much competition
  • You will did not get chance to work with big companies like Microsoft AIRBNB etc  but you can earn good money on FIVERR is also very famous website in the world over 10.40 million peoples come on every month most of the users comes from.

INDIA  and the concept of the is you have to bit on project’s you will not get client automatically you have to approach clients by biting on there projects.

Advantages of

  • It’s very easy to create you account on
  • does not take any test to publish your services it very easy process just you have to complete you full profile and add you hourly rate than you can able to bit on

Disadvantages of

  • You will get so much competition on
  • Hard to get projects on  


Top is also a amazing website over 3 millions peoples come on TOPTAL every month TOPTAL select top 3% talented freelancer only because TOPTAL want only.

skills person’s and talent person’s  the concept of TOPTAL is  when you created your account on TOPTAL you have to give your interview on online app like SKYPE in interview it will asked questions like who are you? Have you freelanced before?.

 Show your portfolio? Etc. after interview you can selected if they want to select you on TOPTAL you can get chance to work with big companies like AIRBNB SHOPIFY MOTOROLA etc.

Advantages of TOPTAL:

  • Very low competition  
  • More chance to get project’s
  • Get chance to work with big companies
  • You can charge high payment from your clients

Disadvantages of TOPTAL:

  • Hard process to select on TOPTAL

5.People per hour:

People per hour is also amazing website for beginners freelancer over 3.30 millions peoples come on people per hour every month as you see in name of a website people.

per hour it means clients will pay you as a per hour the concept of the people per hour you have to get approval first after you gain approval than you can able to work with international clients it’s bit similar like FIVERR only.

Advantages of people per hour:

  • Medium competition
  • High payments
  • Work with all around the world clients

Disadvantages of people per hour:

  • Everything is done through People Per Hour giving you less flexibility with payment methods and schedules
  • You may lack the personal touch or job security that you find with regular customers or employers


For example you have a writing skill or other skills and you not do freelanced before and your a totally new at freelance I recommend you go with FIVERR because FIVERR website.

is best for new comers and it’s easy to sell your service after 1year you can go with UPWORK or people per hour because you have a 1year freelance experience.

If you have a 1-2 year freelance experience you can apply for TOPTA because TOPTAL select only talented and top 3% freelancer if you have a good experience you can get chance to select on TOPTAL.

I hope now you know about top 5 best freelance websites for beginner if you have any question PLZ comment down below thanks for reading.

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