Asus ZENBOOK pro duo review? This is the question most of the peoples search on Google because before buying any laptop most of the peoples search review on.

Google and it’s very important because we have to buy laptop according to our purpose so in this article I will tell you Asus ZENBOOK pro duo review so it’s easy to choose best laptop for your purpose so let’s start. price is  Rs. 2,69,990 $3635


asus ZENBOOK pro duo review

The ASUS ZENBOOK pro duo comes with brush metal blue colour with diamond cut design It’s look very premium and attractive comes with full aluminum body and.

comes with 2.5 kg it’s pretty heavy because of aluminum body on left hand side you will able to see [DC-in port HDMI-port USB-3.1 GEN-2 port speaker and.

ventilation] on the right hand side you will see [USB-3.1 GEN-2 port ventilation audio jack-3.5mm thunderbolttm 3 USB-CTM and Harman KARDON speaker].

Overall design is very amazing and the sound quality of ZENBOOK pro is very good because of Harman KARDON quality speakers and you can also get pad at below.

laptop if you want raise laptop you can raise it and on right hand side you will get led light bar for ALEXA and it’s look very cool and attractive.


asus ZENBOOK pro duo review

When it’s comes to ZENBOOK pro display is very very amazing and till now also I did not see this type of display because ZENBOOK pro comes with dual screen display.

with [15.6 inch] OLED 4k Resolution display and the quality of display is what should I tell you because it’s very super quality and super colour full display and.

the other screen  comes with [14 INCH] 4k resolution display in vertical form if you’re a video editor that this  laptop is very helpful for you because you can able.

to edit video very easily by keeping timeline in down screen and by touching it because it’s a touch screen laptop and you can able to do some many things in.

ZENBOOK display like drawing writing on screen by ZENBOOK pen and many more you can unlock you ZENBOOK with face unlock feature.


asus ZENBOOK pro duo review

The ZENBOOK pro duo comes with LED light keyboard and the experience while typing it’s good but I see when I type without hand rest pad it give me pain and.

it’s very hard to type without hand rest pad so batter is attach pad and type and it feel smooth overall it’s a good keyboard on right side you will see touch pad for calculator features.


The ZENBOOK pro duo comes with [i9 9th gen processor with NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX-TM 2060 6GB V ram graphics and come with 1TB SSD storage with 32GB ram] you.

can easily run heavy games like GTA-5 Call of duty and best thing is ASUS has seriously focus on heating system because when you open ZENBOOK pro you will.

see some space between laptop and your table because it’s help to cool your laptop overall it’s comes with strong performance you can easily run heavy software’s and heavy games.


Asus have give the 100% to building ZENBOOK pro if you compare ZENBOOK pro laptop to others laptops you will see the quality of build and the features is batter than other laptops.

If you’re a video editor or content creator then this laptop is best for you because of his touch screens displays performance and the features you can also to multitasking in ZENBOOK pro.

If you’re a gamer or programmer than ZENBOOK pro is a best laptop for you because of performance displays and multitasking you can enjoy your game or work easily.

If you want to buy this laptop only for entertainment purpose that I recommend you do not buy it only for entertainment purpose because it’s very expensive if.

you have so much money you can buy it for entertainment purpose and it’s amazing laptop for entertainment.

So I hope now you know about ASUA ZENBOOK pro duo review if you have any questions PLZ comment down below as soon as possible I reply you thanks for reading.

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