What is software upgrade and update most of the people do not know what is software upgrade and update peoples use smart phone’s but they did not know

difference between software upgrade and software update so in this article I will tell you what is the software upgrade and update and what is the difference between them so let’s start

what is software update?

What is software upgrade and update

So many people’s use android app like INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE etc. sometime you will able to see notification like update your app for example you

will get notification from FACEBOOK  to update your FACEBOOK app when you update your FACEBOOK app you can able to see batter features than old

FACEBOOK features because companies do some changes or fix some bugs in there app so user can use there apps easily so that why they send you a update

notification sometime users did not get update notification because companies update there apps without sending update notification for example YOUTUBE INSTAGRAME etc.

what is software upgrade?

What is software upgrade and update

So many peoples use operating system like Microsoft windows LINUX ect. example you have a Microsoft windows 7 in your computer and it’s not running

properly now you want to move on windows 10 that is know as upgrading because you will upgrade you windows 7 to windows 10 I hope now you get the answer

What is the difference between software update and software upgrade?

The difference between software update and upgrade is

software update:

The companies are update there software or apps to improve there old features to new features and they will fix some bugs and add some new features you will did not able see update in your computer or smart phone because companies will update there apps only when you open that app you find some changes and improvement

Software upgrade:

The companies are make a new version and send you a notification to upgrade your computer or smart phone example you using a old version of Microsoft

widows now you want to move on latest version that is know as a upgrade when you upgrade you computer or smart phone you will be able see you smart phone

or computer is totally changed to new version it’s change you interface design totally you feel like you using a new smart phone or a new computer

simple words to say :

in update you will see changes and improvement in there app only and in upgrade you will see changes in your smart phone or computer because it’s a new version


software update and upgrade is most important for our smart phone and computers and it’s very helpful for us because it’s give you batter experience than

to old and it’s give you some secure features also that you do not get in old version so batter is do always update and upgrade I hope you like my article about

what is software upgrade and update if have any questions PLZ comment down below  I will reply you as soon as possible thanks for reading 

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