How to become a freelancer programmer this question is most of the peoples search on GOOGLE because then want become a freelancer programmer or they.

did not want to work with one company  as a job they want to become a freelancer programmer because in freelancing you will able to work with different.

different companies and earn batter than your job it’s like your business so in this article I will guide you beginner to advance  how to become a freelancer programmer and how much can you make as a freelancer programmer so lets start.

How to become a freelancer programmer?

How to become a freelancer programmer

To become a freelancer programmer you have to follow this steps.

1.Make a clear decision:

If you are a beginner than it’s important to make a clear decision you have to take a clear decision about programmer which freelancer programmer you want to become for.

example website programmer apps programmer games programmer etc. so it’s easy for you.

2.Learn related programming languages:

How to become a freelancer programmer

After taking a clear decision now you have to learn related programming languages for example you take a decision you want to become a website.

programmer than you have to learn programming languages like HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT etc. if you want to become other programmer than learn related.

programming languages if you did know other related programming languages than search on GOOGLE.

3.Improve your communication skills:

After learning programming languages than you have to improve your communication skills I’m not tell you to become a expert in communication skills you just need to.

 communicate with your client in English so it’s give you some chance to get you first freelancer project.

4.Register on freelancer website:

Now you have to create account on freelancer websites there are so many website are available online some best freelancer website are.

  5. GURU

Most of the peoples I see they create account in one website only this is not a right way my way is create account on 2-3 website so it’s help you to get your first project in less time only.

5.Keep low pricing:

I see so many peoples keep high price in starting only that’s the mistake peoples do  if you want to get 1 project than you have to keep price low because you’re a.

new freelancer person and clients do not have trust on you so first build trust keep low price and give more value even you do not get profit in starting when you build trust than you can charge good amount of money.

6.Start with your contacts:

In starting you do not get client because you’re a new freelancer so start with you contacts like family friends relative etc. choose your family or friends members who.

have there business and tell about you freelance service for example you know how to build a website and tell them I will build a website for your business and I.

will charge low amount of money if they want website they will give you project now your responsibility to give them best quality website if you give quality website than they will tell others also.

7.Keep patience:

So many peoples quit in 2-7 days only because they want instant result if you also like this than freelancing is not for you because in freelancing you have to keep patience.

atlas for 3-6 months not only in freelancing patience apply in all types of work whatever work you do you should have patience than only you can able to become a successful.

8.Send your videos to your client:

 For example you want to become a website programmer than record video and explain about what values or offer you giving to client so it’s more chance to get your 1 project.

in less time some freelancing website have features to upload videos also so make sure upload a video.

9.Join groups:

There are so many groups are available on FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP related to your topic like programming languages coding etc. join them and share some.

knowledge there and tell about your services if they like your services they will give you projects but do not do so much spam there because group admin will blocked you batter is share some knowledge and earn some projects.

10.create your FACEBOOK group:

You can also create your FACEBOOK group to share your programming knowledge it’s very helpful for you and others because so many peoples join groups on.

FACEBOOK to take some knowledge and give some knowledge if your group have good amount of member than you can easily sale your services.

11.Paid promotions:

This is the best way to get you first project in very less time freelancing website have there premium plans you can also buy it  or run ads on social media.

How much can you make as a freelancer programmer?

How to become a freelancer programmer

If you have a 1-2 years experience than you can earn around $1000-$2000 with 3-4 clients if you have less experience you can earn money around $500-$1000 with.

5-10 clients It’s mainly depends on experience and clients if you have more experience and more clients than you can earn more money.


Freelancer programmer is best most demanded and highest paid career because everyone are coming online including business man’s and they want take there.

business online and they did not know how to do programming so they give there projects to freelancer programmer and they will charge good amount of money.

so I hope you understand about how to become a freelancer programmer thanks for reading if you have any questions PLZ comment down below.

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