What is software and hardware in today word we have so many computers and digital devices and it’s important to take some basic knowledge of computers so many people I see in my life even they do not know how to run computers also

And it’s very important to take some basic knowledge of a computer because in today’s world we have so many technology related devices like smart phone computer laptops etc.. so in this article I will guide you what is software and

hardware what is the difference between hard and software and what are the most popular software and hardware so let’s begin

what is software and hardware?

Computer mainly have 2 important parts 1.software 2.hardware

What is software?

what is software and hardware

A set of a instructions given to a computer is called software and there are two types of software are there 1.system software 2.applications software

1.System software :

Example you open your computer for some work and when your computer is loading you can able to see names like Microsoft windows LINUX etc. on your computer screen that’s is know as system software

The system software build with different different languages like C C++ java etc. system software create a platform that’s help to run a others software and system software give user friendly and environment friendly design that’s can user use very easily

The system software manage by computer only and it will use hardware to manage them system software also called as a operating system the system software use to manage file hardware memory and provide some other resources

without system software you do not able to work on computer it’s very important for computers

Example of system software :

  1. Microsoft windows
  2. MAC OS
  3. LINUX
  4. BADA
  5. UNIEX

2.Application software :

The application software run on computer with the help of a system software application software help to complete the user task for example Microsoft word for

writing excel for data filmora for video editing chrome for internet and many more computer can run without application software but not without system software but application software is important

Example of applications software?

  1. Web browser-chrome
  2. Fire fox
  3. Microsoft of power point
  4. VLC media player
  5. Android studio

What is hardware?

what is software and hardware

The hardware is physical part of a computer like monitor keyboard mouse CPU and also

  • Mother board
  • Ram
  • Hard disk
  • SMPS board
  • graphic card 

 and many more for more details learn this article what is hardware

What is the difference between software and hardware?

The difference between software and hardware are.



A set of a instructions given to a computer is called software


All physical part of a computer is called hardware

We can see the software but we cannot able to touch it


We can see the hardware and we can able to touch it and feel it

There are two types of software are there system software & application software


We can see types of computers hardware like monitor ram hard disk mouse keyboard etc.


System software and application software make connections between hardware


Control by system software only


Conclusion :

Hardware and software are mainly important for us 2 of them are playing big role in our life hardware and software becoming more and more advance day by day so it’s important to take some knowledge of them

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