I phone SE VS Samsung galaxy a51 so many people confused which smart phone they have to buy I phone SE or Samsung galaxy A51 so in this article I will tell you which smart is batter for you and what are they offering you so let’s start doing full comparison.

I phone SE VS Samsung galaxy A51

Designs :

The I phone SE comes with glass back panel and build with Aluminium frame that’s give strongness and comes with simple design in SE you can able to see physical fingerprint on home button the I phone SE comes with old design when you take SE in your hand you fell like old SE and you can not able to see 3.5mm jack

The Samsung galaxy A51 comes with polycarbonate with glass back finish that’s looks more attractive and build with high quality material and it’s looks like more premium and more awesome and A51 come with 3.5mm jack and you will get under display fingerprint

Displays :

The I phone SE comes with {4.7} INCH 720p IPS display in SE you find so many bezels on display and it’s comes with very small display when you watch movies or YOUTUBE videos in SE you will get very bad experience because of small display and bezels of display

The Samsung galaxy A51 comes with {6.5} INCH FHD+ super AMOLED display with gorilla glass production and the display of galaxy A51 is awesome because you will get big display and you will get amazing movies or YOUTUBE videos experience

Cameras :

The I phone SE come with {12MP} single back camera and it’s click pictures very naturally and clearly that’s a good camera and SE come with {7MP} front camera as you know I phones camera are comes with high quality sensor even 7mp camera also take pictures very clearly

The Samsung galaxy A51 come with quad camera with {48mp main camera +12mp ultra wide angle camera +5mp macro camera +5mp depth sensor} and it’s clicks pictures awesome A51 comes with {32mp} front camera and it’s take pictures very amazing and clearly

Performances :

The I phone SE comes with latest A13 bionic chip that’s a amazing powerful chip in SE you can able to play heavy like PUB-G very smoothly and very fastly but you can not get game experience like big display overall performance is very amazing

The Samsung galaxy A51 comes with EXYNOS 9611 chip and it’s also strong chip you can able to play heavy games like PUB-G smoothly even you can able to play smoothly in HDR mode also overall good performance but not like I phone Se performance because SE chip is more advance than EXYNOS chip


I phone SE

Galaxy a51


Glass back panel with aluminium frame


with glass back panel


Black white and product red

Prism crush black

prism crush blue

prism crush pink

and prism crush white


4.7INCH 720P IPS display

6.5 INCH+

FHD+ super AMOLED display

Back Cameras

12MP single camera



Front cameras




Latest a13bionic chip


9611 chip










Conclusion :

If you want to buy smart phone for entertainment than go for samsung galaxy A51 because in I phone SE you did not get big display experience so batter is go for A51

If you want to buy smart phone for private use or branding than go for I phone SE i hope now you know about which smart you have to buy if you have any questions comment down below thanks for reading 

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