In 2020 so many people use computer in a simple way they do not know  tricks of computer so in this article I will tell you basic and advance computer tips and tricks and this tricks help you to save you time so lets start 

Computer tips and tricks?

1.control panel :

Computer tips and tricks   Computer tips and tricks

If you want to add all your computer settings like mouse Bluetooth wallpaper settings etc. in one control panel that is called god mode so  follow this tricks to open your god mode

Click right button of your mouse and go in new section and select folder and copy this code {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and past the code in folder name section and press enter and enjoy you god mode that’s a amazing computer tips and tricks

2.Downloading time :

   Computer tips and tricksComputer tips and tricks

Example If your downloading any thing from internet and it will take time 1-2hr to download and you want to close your computer automatically after downloading that file or software than how it possible? Lets see

Click right button of your mouse go in new and select shortcut  type this shutdown –s-t 3600 after t you have to add your shut down time for example you want to shut down your computer after 1hr

than type shutdown –s-t 3600 click on next add your shortcut name for example shut down master than click on finish and you will be able to see icon on your computer home screen after 1hr your computer will be automatically shut down

3.slide shut down :

Computer tips and tricks

So many peoples use computer mouse to shut down there computers but you can also shut down you computer with slide shut down and it very fast how? Lets see Copy this code %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe and click right button of your mouse go in new section and select

shortcut and past that code in the box and click next and type a name of a shortcut example slide shout down than click on finish it will show you icon in your computer home screen and double tap that icon it will show you option to slide shut down

4.Boost your computer :

It’s  very hard to work in my old computer because it’s very slow and it will hang very much and I will boost my computer with this amazing trick if you have same problem than follow this tips

To boost you computer performance with virtual memory you have to attaché your pen drive and go and select you pen drive click right button of your mouse and select properties than click on ready boost select dedicate this device to ready boost than your all pen drive space will be go in your computer if you want to choose

half space of your pen derive than click use this device than choose your pen derive space how much you want to give to your computer than click on apply and your computer will be run smoothly

5.paswoard :

Computer tips and tricks

This tricks is very helpful and powerful If you want to set new password without using old password than follow this tips so plz do use for wrong work use it for right work

Open your command prompt and type lusrmgr when you press enter you get login user manager window than you can able change any user or administrator password without using old password

conclusion :

I hope all your understand about computer tips and tricks if you have any question PLZ comment down below and i will reply you very soon thanks for reading 

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