In 2020 we have so many search engine like GOOGLE BING YAHOO and many more so in this article I will tell you about GOOGLE search engine what is search engine and how it work with full information so lets start

What is search engine?

What is search engine?

A search engine is a web based tool ware users can search information which they want to search  on the world wide web [www.] example GOOGLE is the biggest search engine over 70%-80% users search on GOOGLE 20% use others search engines like YAHOO BING etc..  

Google is a not all internet god it just a website so many people think GOOGLE is a internet god it wrong thinking if you want to know about internet than click hear Google will show you result form there indexing website GOOGLE have billions of indexing website like my website lets move to how search engine works.

How search engine works?

What is search engine?

GOOGLE use so many algorithms to show you search result  like web crawler spiders etc.  example you search on GOOGLE what is search engine than GOOGLE will show you result form it indexing website like my website is index in GOOGLE so youcan able to learn this article if you are not understand till now do not worry let's see in step by step

1.Keyword :

When you type any keyword on GOOGLE like what is search engine than GOOGLE has know which result GOOGLE has to show you because GOOGLE have so many website index related to your keyword

2.Spiders :

When you search any keyword on GOOGLE than GOOGLE will take help of spiders or crawler and that spiders will scans web pages and see links of a web pages and they will go one link from other web pages links and they scan so many web pages and make a big index see this image below

What is search engine?


When you search any keyword like what is search engine on GOOGLE then spiders will see your search keyword in web pages title and description but GOOGLE have millions of pages related to your search keyword than spiders will see so many

things in web pages like popularity of website backlinks of a website age of a website and keyword relevancy of a website  title and descriptions and many more if a websites implement this very good than only GOOGLE will show you top 10 results and most important thing is this all work done in seconds only that a amazing 

List of search engines

USES of search engine

Generally peoples use search engine to research shopping entertainment etc.. as you know how search engine is very important for us big example is GOOGLE every body love to search on GOOGLE because GOOGLE have so many information related to you search

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I hope now you all are know about what is search engine I always try best for you to provide you very best knowledge if you do not like my content PLZ tell me why and next time I will be try more batter for you thanks for reading


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