In 2020 we use so many social media apps like FACEBOK INSTAGRAM WHATSAPP and many more but so many people did not know about what is LINKEDIN most of the LINKEDIN user is professional and CEO’S of a companies

SO In this article I well tell you how you can boost your career with using LINKEDIN and if your searching for jobs than LINKEDIN will help you get better job according to your skills  also LINKEDIN good for your business how? Lest see in details



The LINKEDI is a professional social networking site most of the users on LINKEDIN is professional and CEO’s of a companies In LINKEDIN you can able to search or apply for jobs and make connections with strong peoples like CEO’S of a companies

The LINKEDIN was started in 2002 by REID HOFFMAN over 610 millions peoples uses LINKEDIN in 2020 some people use LINKEDIN for jobs searching some people use LINKEDIN for business and also companies use LINKEDIN for a hiring employees. I hope now your understand what is LINKEDIN lets move to other one

How to create a LINKEDIN account?


After creating you account you will able to see this buttons like

  •  home 
  •  profile
  •  my networks
  •  post
  •  notifications
  •  jobs
  •  messaging

1.Home :

In home button you will be able to see peoples post your following connections post and search button  for searching your peoples

2.Profile :

In your profile you get sub buttons like 

  • edit intro 
  • about 
  • your Dashboard
  • activity 
  • experience 
  • skills 
  • accomplishments 
  • contact 
  • interest 

Edit intro : 

In edit intro button you have to upload your profile photo and fill you first name last name in headline you have to fill your work name like my work name is blogger in educations you have to fill your education and select you country and state and your industry than click on save

About : 

In about button you have to tell something about your self

Your dashboard : 

In this section you will get information about your LINKEDIN profile like who viewed your profile post views and search appearances

Activity : 

In this section you will able to manage your LINKEDIN followers and you will see your liked post in your all activity

Background : 

In this button you will be able to add you experience and education example you working in Google form 1-2 years than add you Google experience in LINKEDIN experience sections and add your school and college in LINKEDIN education section

Skills & endorsement : 

In this section you will be able to add you skill example digital marketing JAVA C++ etc.. which skills do you have add them

Accomplishment : 

In this section you will be able to add your speak Languages and there level Hindi English etc..

Contact : 

In this section you will able to add you contact information like website email address phone number etc..

Interested : 

In section you will be able to see your following peoples and companies network :

In this button you will be able to see your networks invitations and your industry leaders

manage my network :

In this section you will see your LINKEDIN connections and people you follow your #TAGS and your following companies

Invitations :

In this section you will be able to see received connections and your send connections

Industry leaders :

In this section you will be able to see so many peoples related  your industry and you can also send invitations to them when they accept your invitation than you can easily send messages to them

4.Post :

In this section you will be able to publish post photos video document and many more

5.Notifications :

In this sections you will be able to see your notifications

6.Jobs :

This is very important button in this section you will able to find goods jobs related your skills

How to apply for jobs with uploading resume ON LINKIDEN?


Go in jobs button Choose you job and click on easy apply and fill your first & last name mobile number email address click on next and upload your resume than click on next

If  you not getting  easy apply option than click on apply you will be see full information about the job

Benefits of LINKIDEN?

  1. You can show people who your and what you are on LINKEIDN
  2. On LINKEDIN you will be able to connect with professional peoples and companies and also you can join gropes and take advice and knowledge with them and its very good for your career
  3. You can able to create your own custom URL on LINKEDINE
  4. You can show your talent on LINKEDIN
  5. You can get traffic from LINKEDIN on your website or blog
  6. You can get client for your business
  7. You can build good relationship with strong people
  8. Easy to apply for jobs
  9. LINKEDIN have so many jobs related to your skills
  10. Uploading online resume and many more

Benefits of LINKEDIN premium?

1.5inMail :

You can directly send message to people without connecting them

2.Who view your profile :

As a premium member you can see the list of people who has viewed your profile in free account you can know that someone has viewed your profile but you do not know who he/she

3.Job insights :

Get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers it means when a recruiter or hiring managers search for jobs seekers your profile will get a priority in the search list

4.stay open to opportunities :

As a premium member your account is always in open status so that recruiters can offer you batter jobs opportunities and you also get jobs update

5.LINKEDIN learning :

This is very amazing benefits you get as a premium member you can able to learn free LINKEDIN courses and you do need to pay additionally for the courses you can find all professional courses

How you can get client form LINKEDIN for your business?

  1. Join groups
  2. send more connections invitations to peoples
  3. if you have blog related to your services than post you blog post on LINKEDIN so people can learn your blog post if they see your services on your blog and they give you order if they want to give
  4. you can also use LINKEDIN premium and runs ads on LINKEDIN

MY view on LINKEDIN :

LINKEDIN is a very amazing platform to show your talent if your looking for jobs than create your account ON LINKEDIN it very helpful for you

IF you want to learn something about your career than LINKEDIN is very best options to learn anything just go it and learn it

I hope you all are understand what is LINKEDIN if you have any type of question PLZ comment down below thanks for reading follow me on LINKEDIN 

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