In our smart phone we have so many apps like FACEBOOK YOUTUBE and many more did you know how that’s apps build? Well in this article I will tell you what is android studio and how you can make your own app  using android studio and how you can earn money from your app so lets see in detail

What is android studio?

What is android studio?

The android studio is a official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for android app development, based on IntelliJ IDEA and developed by GOOGLE and JETBRAINs over 9861 companies use android studio for android app development

How to download android studio?

How you can download your android studios first you have to download JDK from ORACLE  website for your computer when you go on ORACLE website to download JDK you see so many system options like Linux apple and windows

Download JDK according to you operating system to cheek operating system of your 
computer follow this 3 steps below

  1. Click left button of your mouse In menu click personalization
  2. At left side of the top click control panel home and go in system security
  3. And click on system button

Than you will get full information about your computer and download JDK than go on and download android studio according to your operating system and it takes time to download watch this video if your not understand click hear

How to make your first app in android studio?

For making your first app in android studio you have to  know about programming languages like java KOTLIN and C++ than only you will be able to make you first app in android studio  if you thinking for your startup than android studio is best

What is android studio?

options for you first learn the programming languages like java KOTLIN and C++ if you did not want to learn programming languages than you can also take services from companies or freelancers and they will charge according to your app which type of app you want to build from companies or freelancers

How to make money from your android app?

There are so many options available to make money with your android app most of the android app revenues comes from ADS you can apply ADS in you android app from ware you can take ADS? You can able to take ADS from GOOGLE

ADMOB take ADS form ADMOB apply to your android app and they will start showing  ads in your apps

What is the purpose of android studio?

The purpose of android studio help you to build high quality apps for all android devices As you know android studio is a official IDE and in android studio you will get so many feature like Navigation Editor Android Gradle plugin updates IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.2 Changes and many more 

I hope you all are understand if you have any questions plz comment down below i will reply you very soon 

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