IF you search this question then you are  new to pinterest or you want to know how does pinterest was work in today world social media is playing big role in our day to day life like WHATSAPP for messaging INSTAGRAM for photos uploading

FACEBOOK for marketing YOUTUBE for learning entertainment lazing songs etch..and also so many peoples making money with social media like YOUTUBE Earning INSTAGRAM earning etc.. this how people using social media so lets start knowing about pinterest and how you can take  pinterest benefit

What is pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site  ware you can share images or pictures  pinterest was started in 2010 by BEN SILBERMANM in few years only pinterest gets so much popular over 250 millions peoples uses pinterest every month

include 77.4 millions people use in America  example your interested in luxury cars and you want to download luxury car image than pinterest will help to find millions of images on there platform you can able to save that image in your pinterest profile or download it in you smart phone

How dose pinterest was work?

In pinterest you will able to see so many options like Pins boards profile etc.. so let start knowing about how dose pinterest was work

Home page:

When you open the pinterest app you will able to see pinterest home page with millions of images according to your interest and at top of the home page you will able to see buttons like all following and at down of the home page you will able to see buttons like search notifications profile

2.Following button:

In following button you will be able to see your following people post or pins who you follow

3.Search button:

In search button you will be able to search people who you want to search

4.Notification button:

In your notification button you will be able to see your notification

5.Profile button:

In profile button you will be able to see your pins and boards and you can able to created you pins and boards by clacking the + button

What is pins and boards?


The pin is a website link ware  you can add website content images or pictures when you open the pinterest app you see millions of images  on pinterest home page that is know as pins example if you want to know more about that images you want to click that image and pin will take you directly to that website


The board is groups of pins ware you can pin your images pictures or website content according to category 


I hope you all are understand did you have any questions plz comment down below i will reply very soon thanks for reading 

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