Hello guys today I will tell you what is CPU and how it works we are living in 21ST  century and todays world is a technology world because our all works are becoming very easy day to day life because our computer are managing and doing our work faster in todays world most using device is a computer smartphone and electronics  a computers cannot work without its parts like monitor mouse keyboard and CPU and CPU is brain of computer

what is CPU?

And todays computer and mobiles coming with high processor like I3 I5 I7 processor help devices to give high performance so computer can perform smoothly without  hacking when we go on computer or mobile shops for buying it when talking about specification we have listen about CPU did you think what does its mean so in this article we will learn about CPU so lets start

What is CPU and how it was work?

what is CPU?

The full form of CPU-{central processing unit} CPU is a part of computer hardware which used to run a applications software and program and CPU is work continuously for running a applications software and program all CPU handling all computer important tasks like logical input and output operations etc.

CPU has many names like

  • Processor
  • Central processor unit
  • Micro processor
  • And CUP is knows also for brain of computer because CPU receive all big and small hardware interaction and processes them all and show the result in front of the user and this is the reason CPU is a brain of computer

what is CPU?

CPU is a small chip comes with mother board the CPU chip made with small small transistor with the help of transistor only computer program can run and CPU do calculation work automatically the CPU receive all computer interaction and users inputs

CPU do billions of operations for per second that’s the power of CPU this is how CPU work faster CPU can run program as there capability more capability means more faster in old computers works very slow but now computer works very faster then old computers because new computer comes with multi core processor that the reason of faster computer

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