Hello guys today I will tell you what is a algorithm with full information do lets start

What is a algorithm?

What is a algorithm?

The program is created before writing programming to the algorithm that’s can make batter program the algorithm is used to solve any problem step by steps for example suppose you have to call someone calling has also been a problem because you have to do something in it now you have to do a later work like

You have to check your mobile is it on or of If by turning on the phone you have to dial the number of the person you want talk to after dialing the phone number the person with your target to call you have to wait for ring the bell

if billed the target person attends the phone then you get the point
this 4 steps you can understand even a minor problem like calling

minor problem patch up problem you have to follow all steps you cannot change the order of this steps weather can you leave your steps if we ignore any of this steps you will not able to talk person you want to talk to that is 

the solution for any problem you need to separate that problem into different different steps you have to define it that are fixed steps to be followed is called the algorithm

what is the symptoms of algorithm?


one algorithms does all her work in as few steps as possible she is equally good it always has counting steps


Defined the solution to the algorithm is steps define explicitly which can be read easily


A good algorithm always takes good input


The algorithm always takes good output as well as good input


The algorithm must always be  a problem solution


It is very important have algorithms and touch in which the lines and steps makes some sense

Uses of algorithms?

What is a algorithm?

  • Mathematical problem a good correct algorithm is used to solve mathematical problem as if a number is grater than {0=+} or it smaller then {0=-}
  • FACEBOOK search engine GOOGLE maps all works according to the algorithms
  • Computer scientists and software engineers also use it so time can also be saved and it less works gets done
  • There should be no mistakes for this the algorithm is used correctly before making a flowchart
  • Many fields such as space research it is also used in robotics artificial intelligence
  • In computer programming before writing program algorithms are used
  • Algorithms have a lot of use for writing SUDO code

What are the benefits of algorithms?

What is a algorithm?

  1. The algorithms is easy to solve  any problem
  2. It is not dependent on any programming language this is why any one  can easy to understand without programming knowledge
  3. Algorithms can be converted into flowchart and that can be converted to any programming language algorithm such as artificial intelligence have a capable heart algorithms are already the basic of machine learning
  4. Algorithms also used in virtual assistant and autonomous vehicle.

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