Hello guys welcome to tech 230 today I will tell you TOP 5 new 
WHATSAPP tricks in 2020 because so many people use WHATSAPP today but some people do no about WHATSAPP tricks you have to know about tricks because tricks will help you to do your works or messages easily and faster so lets start 

1.WHATSAPP finger print lock:


The WHATSAPP launch finger print lock its good tricks to save your WHATSAPP messages to add you finger print lock follow this steps

  1. Click on 3 dot button and click on setting button then click on account button and click on privacy button 
  2. Click On fingerprint button and click on on button then allow the finger print and save you WHATSAPP

2.Deleted messages: 

How to recover deleted message on WHATSAPP sometime its feels very sad to see deleted messages what other person send you in deleted message so do not worry lets see how recover deleted message on WHATSAPP


  1. First you have to download WAMR app from play store this app will allow you to see all deleted message on WHATSAPP
  2. When downloading is over you have to open app then click on skip buttons in last app will ask you to allow permission you have to allowed all permission then you will be able to see all deleted message in WAMR app 

3. WHATSAPP photos in gallery:

IF your WHATSAPP photos or videos are not coming in you phone gallery  follow this steps

  1. Click on 3 dot button and click on setting click on chats then on  the media visibility  button and you will be to see all WHATSAPP photos in you gallery
4.Audio button:

WHATSAPP add a new features in audio button now you will be able to listen WHATSAPP recorded voice before sending voice to your friend follow this steps
  1. Click on you friends profile click on audio button record your voice then lock audio button 
  2.  Click on back button of your smart phones then go to the same profile and listen you voice how your voice record good or bad and send to your friend

5.Enter button as a send button: 

IF you are fast typer then this trick is help you to type very fast on WHATSAPP follow this step

  1. Click on setting button click 
  2. Click on chats button then on enter is send button the you will be able to send fast message to your friend


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