Hello guys today I will tell you what is a QR code and how to make it we see most company and shops use QR codes but some people do not know about what is a QR code  in this article I will tell you also how to make QR code free for your company or shop so lets start

What is a QR code:

The QR code is an technology that store you company or shop data example I store my phone number in QR code and I past that QR code in my shop so my shop costumer can scan my QR code and  pay the amount what they buy from me the good example is PAYTM

With help of the QR code you will able to store you company data so it easily to people can scan your company data easily suppose I want type Tech230.co URL on GOOGLE it difficult and it take time to type offline to online so I make my website URL  QR code and I scan my QR it take me direct to my website

How make QR for free?

There are many website on GOOGLE  that’s allow you to make QR code like QR code-monkey.com in QR code monkey you will be able to make your  QR in URL text VCARD email SMS etc. and it totally free and save

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