Hello guys today I will tell you about what is computer science computer is become our part of life because you know how computer is  become important in our life with help of computer our work are become very easy and faster like online shopping online education playing games online office work online ETC. this digital world was possible with the help of computer science so lets start knowing about computer science

What is computer science?

The computer science is study of computer in computer science you will able to learn about software learning and software making in this field it very  important to focus on software and software making the computer is made up with 2 part 1 is hardware and 2 is software computer is work only if hardware and software working properly

What is computer science?

In computer engineering you will able to learn about all hardware of computer system software multi media applications digital electronic data base system computer networking etc. also you will learn about algorithm theory logic data structures and programming languages

Which courses should I take for computer science?

1.degree course:

 in computer science you can learn in under graduate post graduated doctorate or graduated this course take time up to {3-5} years because if you want do UG  if you want to do PG it take time up to {5} years then

again if you want do doctorate it takes time up to { 8-10} years
If you want to learn UG you have 10+2 qualification then you have to take science subject in UG then only you will be able to learn computer science in UG

In computer graduated you have tow course

What is computer science?

  1. B.SC computer science
  2. B.CA { bachelor of computer applications} you have to choose any one  as your interested then you will get graduated

For learning PG you should have a graduation degree in PG you will be able to learn about MSC-MCA and it take time to complete up to {2} years

Doctorate degree

If you want to do doctorate degree then you should have a post graduation degree then you can able to do doctorate course

Diploma course in computer science:

If you want to do mastering in computer science and you did not want to do UG and PG the you will be able to do diploma degree

What is computer science?

In this course you will be able to learn about computer science IIT fundamentals you will do this course in any collages or intuited if you want to do diplomacourse then you should have a matriculation certificate and it take time to complete up to {1-3} years after completing diploma course
Then you will be able to works as a programmer technical writer system analyst software engineer operation executive etc.

What subject you should  learn in degree?

  • Algorithm
  • web technology
  • data structure
  • programming
  • data base system 
  • computer networking
  • math for computer science 
  • artificial intelligence 
  • machine learning
  • graphic and audio design 
  • microprocessor 
  • operating system 

after learning this subject you can developed a any software

 career options in computer science:

All computer student are lucky because job are amazing in computer science field  you will get good salary in this field you will able to works as a

What is computer science?

  1. Software developer
  2. Computer system analyst
  3. Data base administrator
  4. Web developer
  5. Information security analyst
  6. Computer network architect
  7. Computer information research scientist
  8. IT project manager
  9. Mobile application developer
  10. telecommunication manager
  11. software system engineer
  12. IT officer
  13. System admin
  14. Lab assistant
  15. Teacher and lecturer

I hope you all are understand you have any question or dot comment down below thanks for reading 


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