Hello guys welcome to tech 230 today I will tell you what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS so many people do not difference between HTTP VS HTTPS so In this article I will tell you what is the difference between HTTP VS HTTPS so lets start  

what is the difference between http and https

What is HTTP?

Full form of HTTP: Hyper text transfer protocol the HTTP is and network protocol that’s used in WWW-World wide web in http have protocol rules sets and communication between browser and server example when you will type any domain name on GOOGLE like Tech 230.co and you will press enter

what is the difference between http and https

than it convert  automatically in to HTTP because our ISP browser get message for connecting the http and website server connect with http and user will get all information about Tech230.co in server have all website files are save and server will response what client are requesting our browser is like a client When data is transferring between browser and server have to follow rules and rules  it comes from http

Http will use TCP protocol port 80 so it easily to send and receive data because http used 80 port is low secure and any hacker will hack your data between browser and server

What is HTTPS?

Full form of HTTPS Hyper text transfer protocol secure https also do same work like http but https protocol is a strong secure save the https is secure vision of http because https used SSL=secure socket layer https send data between browse and server in encrypted form


SSL used for public key and private key

Public key:

Public key is used for encrypt a information

Private key:

Private key used for decrypt a information

In Https connection all data will convert with the help of the cryptography in encrypt form because without decryption it impossible to de code in https website all data is a save and secure because data in encrypt form and it impossible to hack any data

This is how shopping website and payment website use HTTPS because all users data will be save and secure

What is difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

what is the difference between http and https
  1. In http protocol all users data will go in hyper text like a plane text and it easy to hack for hackers
  2.  https is a save and secure for all users because between browse and server data will go in encrypt form and it very hard to hack any data
  3. HTTP start from http://
  4. HTTPS start from https://
  5. HTTP support proxy server {80}
  6. HTTPS support proxy server SSL-protected port {443} this is the reason HTTPS is strong then HTTP

  • When you go on any http website do not allow you e mail password or bank details it save for you
  • You can able to allow password or bank detail on HTTPS payment website
  • IF you giving your bank details to any website please check the that website support HTTPS                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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