What Is virtual reality?

Hello guys today I will tell you what is virtual reality technology are growing very faster and advance day to day  our life is becoming very easy with help of the technology so lets start taking knowledge about virtual reality

What is virtual reality?

What Is virtual reality?

The virtual reality is advance technology that can use for going in gaming world or some other places lets take one example you play PUBG the you want to play PUBG in reality with players then what you do? Well you can-

What Is virtual reality?

take help of the virtual reality its experience you like you playing PUBG in PUBG world the virtual reality is experience like you there in other world but you there in reality only just you feel like you there in other world

How to use virtual reality?

What Is virtual reality?

For using virtual reality you want to where virtual reality headset then you will able to enjoy virtual reality 

What are the example of headset and how to experience gaming world ? 

There are many example of head set like Google cardboard VR box ect..  for experience gaming or play games you need to buy virtual reality headset like oculus quest gaming set it cost you around $399 if you want to experience in smart phone then you did not able to experience its  because in smart phone you will able to experience only videos 

How to experience virtual reality in mobile?

For experience virtual reality in mobile phone you will able to buy VR box it cost you around $5-10 from Amazon after buying it then you want to download VR application from play store the you connect with VR box and keep your mobile into VR box then enjoy virtual reality

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