What is a tally and how do tally course?

Hello guys welcome to tech 230 today I will tell what is tally how to do tally course so lets start

What is a tally?

What is a tally?

The tally is an ERP accounting software package use for recording day to day business data of a company the latest version of tally is tall ERP 9. In old days  when tally is not there its very hard to manage all company data basically tally is use to manage business or company data easily and faster

What is ERP?

What is a tally?

The ERP=Enterprise Resource Planning is a software one acclaimed financial accounting system and inventory management system with power computer 

ERP 9: 

The ERP 9 is a best software that can integrated with other business applications such as a sales and finance purchasing payroll inventory etc 

Tally software: 

What is a tally?

The tally software is use for manage and store all business transaction of each account in detail lets take a one example you have a e commerce  company the you want to know your company data like how many product are sells  what is the total price of overall sales etc.then tally give you all data of your company this is how tally software is use. 

How to do tall course? 

There are many institute in offline where you can learn tally course if you want to learn online go with udemy  after learning tally course the you will able to do job in any accounting companies

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