What is machine learning and how it work?

Hello guys today I will tell you about what is machine learning many of the people do not about machine learning it important to know about  machine learning because in features machine learning become most demanded career example so lets start

What is machine learning?

What is machine learning?

The machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence {AI }provides ability automatically learn and improve experience without being explicitly programmed machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn themselves. this is knows as machine learning

How machine learning was works?

What is machine learning?

Lets take a example of Tesla autopilot car Tesla company provided a ability to car that’s can drives automatically without driver because car can understand what is speed breaker what is traffic lights what is human and car is know where he want to stop that’s the power of machine learning if I will tell your computer was intelligence what can you answers? well computer is fast worker computer do not have intelligence or common sense only human being have a intelligence or common sense for example if you give any maths formulas to your computer it’ solve easily an very faster 

What is machine learning?

then you but computer not have common sense like you if you want to give a intelligence to your machine then you have to know machine learning so computer can understand and talk with you with help of artificial intelligence 

What are the course of machine learning online? 

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