Computer basic knowledge: 

Hello guy welcome to tech230 today I will tell you what is the basic of computer is important to know about technology because we are living in Digital world some peoples do knows about basic computer knowledge because they came from villages or some other places so do not worry in this article we cover all basic knowledge of computers lets start

What Is computer?: 

Computer basic knowledge:

Defecations of computer: 

Computer is an electronic device which convert data into information

  1. C—commonly
  2. O—operated
  3. M—machine
  4. P—particularly
  5. U—Used for
  6. T—trade
  7. E—education
  8. R—research

List of Input device:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Scanner
  • Joy stick
  • Bar code
ETC in this article we will cover basic knowledge of computer only


key board

Keyboard is a important part of computer that’s you can type letters on computer without keyboard you did not able to operate computer with the help of the keyboard you can manage all you works an software like writing a article in keyboard you will able to see
  • A to Z alphabet
  • 0 to 9 numbers
  • Special key button like windows; Ctrl; Alt; numbers lock
  • Functions keys like F1; To F12



Mouse is use to point out and drag and drop you can operate computer without mouse also but is takes so much time you will able to see 3 types of mouse
  1. Optical mouse
  2. Track mouse
  3. Wireless mouse

Processing device: 


Central processing unit {cpu}: 

Cpu is like a brain of computer you will able to see in cup power supply mother board ram etc 

Out put device: 


printer is use to print any types of documents or images 

Learn what is hardware click the -link

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