What is ip address what types of ip address are there and how to find ip address?

Hello guys today I will teach you what is ip address what types of ip address are and how to find your ip address lets start knowing about ip address

What is ip address:

What is ip address

Ip address like a computer address example you live in your home then you want to go someone house you did no that house then what you should do you find a house address then you able to go it that’s like only all computers have there own unique ip address

The computer connect with each other whit under water internet cable all computer have there unique ip address is called ip address without ip address the computer did not able to connect internet ip address is very important for all computer  

Ip address full form:

Ip address stand for Internet protocol address what this mean is like a set of books that’s makes internet works you able to learn this article this time in this website because you computer or mobile have Ip address the internet is sending to you all information through you computer or mobile ip address 

Types of ip address: 

There are two types of ip address are there 


What is ip address

Internet protocol version 4 is connect with 4 numbers separate with dot each number range [0-255] decimal numbers but computer did not understand this decimal numbers its convert binary form which computer understand in binary return as [100000000-11111111] each ip address represented by group of 8 binary digits so the hole ipv4 address represented by a where x=1 or 0 simple to say is 32 bit ipv4 is 32 bit address total 4;294;967;296 devices and connect to internet with ipv4 but there is problem with 32 bit ipv4 connect 4billion+ devices only but this days we have more then 4billion+ devices so slowly we are moving to ipv6 address  


What is ip address

Internet protocol version 6 which is 128 bit total amount of devices connect with ipv6 is 3402823669209384634633774607431768211456 which is more enuff for features generations 

How to find your ip address: \

What is ip address

It simple and easy to find your ip address just go to the Google.com type the what is my ip address Google will show your Ip address 

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