What is hardware? 

Hello guys today i will teach you what is hardware and how many 
types of hardware are there lets start 

What is hardware?

Definition of hardware:

Hardware is the physical parts of computer generally speaking 
which we can touch and feel that is called hardware example 
monitor keyboard mouse cpu etc.. 


A monitor displays information in visual from using text and 
graphic the portion of the monitor  the monitor that displays 
the information is called the screen 

There are three types of monitor:

1.crt-[cathode ray tube] monitor 

2.lcd-[liquid crystal display] monitor 

3.led-[light emitting diode] monitor 

Central processing unit {cpu}:

Central processing unit is the brain of the computer its control 
all of the computer parts like monitor keyboard mouse printer etc 

Storage device:

Storage device are used by the computer to save data in computer 
permanently or non-permanently 

there are three types of memory 

1.Primary memory:

What is hardware?

Rom read only memory rom is like a chip attach with motherboard rom is use for data saver in rom you will able to red data when you 
start the computer frist rom only active then other 

What is hardware?

Ram random access memory the ram use for computer space 
when you start a any application in your computer ram was 
save that all work and data 

2.Secondary memory:

In secondary memory have different different devices like 

>Cd rom 

Cd rom is use for save you work if you have cd rom then you 
able to save in contact disk 

>Floppy disk 

What is hardware?

Floppy disk are not coming in new computer because of new 

>Hard disk 

What is hardware?

Hard disk is an data electro-mechanical data storage that use to 
data megnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information 

>Pen dive 

Pen dive is use to sharing data one computer to other computer or 
installing new windows etc.


What is hardware?

The motherboard is the very important part of computer ram 
hard disk graphic card this all are attach with motherboard 
the board is like a mom of computers without motherboard 
the computer is nothing motherboard also called as printed 
circuit board 

Graphic card:

What is hardware?

Graphic is the hardware component the graphic card also 
available is your smart phone graphic card comes with 
computer if you to attach other graphic the you able to do it 
because in motherboard you able to see options to attach 
graphic card and other also the graphic is very important for
cpu because its use for cooling a cpu if your are a gamer 
then graphic card help you to play game very smoothly 

Power supply:

What is hardware?

The power supply is a electrical device that supplies electrical 
power to electrical load to your computer 


What is hardware?

A processor is a electronic circuit  that performs the calculation 
that run a computer the computer processor comes in different 
different storage lick i 5 processor i 7 processor its help your 
computer to perform well 

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