What is programming languages? 

Hello guys welcome to tech  230 today i will tell what is 
a programming languages and how many types of programming 
are there  lets start 

what is programming languages

What is programming languages?

The programming language is the high level programming 
language and programming use to build a applications like 
Facebook instagram whatsapp etc.. the programming 
languages use to communication with your computer suppose 
you want to communicate with people so you talk in english
or some other languages so people understand that languages 
so if you want to communicate with computer you want to 
learn about programming languages 

Classification of computer languages 

1.Machine language: 

The machine language is only language of computer understood 
by it without using a translation program normally written 
strings of binary 1s and 0s 

2.Assembly / symbolic language:

An a assembly language is a low level programming language 
designed for a specific types of processor it may be produced 
by compiling source code from a high level programming
language such as c/c++ but can also be written form scratch 
assembly code can be converted to machine code using an 

3.High level:

In computer science a high level programming language is 
a programming language with strong abstraction from 
the details of the computer 

what is programming languages

Types of programming languages?

There are many types of programming language are there 
like  [c] language [c++] java python ruby etc.. java is 
the best language to build a applications because java is 
the save secure and virus free programming languages 

what is programming languages

Best programming languages for beginners 

If you want to learn programming languages start with c 
language because the c language are simple language and 
the syntax of c language is easy to learn so you are beginner 
start with c language then go for c++ and java 

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