what is a hosting and how many types of hosting 
are there? 

Hello guys welcome to tech 230 today i will tell yo what is 
a hosting and and how many types of hosting are  there lets 


What is a hosting: 

Hosting is a web service hosting help you to view your web
site on internet suppose you have a business in offline now
you want to take your business online then you have to  buy a 
web hosting and domain name for creating you own website
web hosting is help you to store your all website files and 
data products etc.you will be able to manage your website from
you web hosting 

How many types of hosting are there?

There are three types of hosting are there 

1.shared hosting   

2.vps hosting  

3.dedicated hosting 

Difference between shared hosting vps hosting and dedicated 

Difference between shared hosting vps hosting and dedicated   hosting?

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is like living in a apartment simple word to 
say when you will buy a shared hosting then you get a one 
pic of box the shared hosting can handle around 5000 to
10000 daily traffic on your website shared hosting price 
start from 10 gb disk space 199 to 600rs unlimited for 1 

Difference between shared hosting vps hosting and dedicated   hosting?

Vps hosting:

vps hosting is like a town home simple word to say when 
you will be buy a vps hosting then you will get a half part of 
the box vps hosting handle around 100000 to 1100000
daily traffic dependent on you pricing and ram price 
of the vps hosting start from 2gb ram 1500 to 8gb ram
5000rs for 1 year 

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting like a your own house simple word to say 
when you buy a dedicated hosting then you get full 
box dedicated hosting handle unlimited traffic for you 
website dedicated hosting price start from 4 gb ram 7000
to 16 gb ram 12000rs for 1 year best website to buy 
any hosting click the link 


  1. Dedicated hosting comes with various packages like hard disk space, server memory (RAM), server speed (CPU) and the types of software and tools to be installed. web hosting


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