Hello guys today i will tell you what is freelancing and how 
do freelancing and what are the freelancing website lets start 

what is freelancing

What is freelancing?

Freelancer a person who work as writer designer performer or 
the like selling work or service by the hour day job etc 
rather than working on regular salary basic for one employer 
in freelancing you not working for one company you work 
as multiple company with your skills example you have 
know about seo- search engine optimization most of the 
people are weighting for you in freelancing they pay you 
$15-par-hr etc 

How to do freelancing?

what is freelancing

How to do freelancing
For doing freelancing you have to know about skills like 
seo android app development web development etch then 
you able to do or become freelancing 

What are the website for do freelancing?

First you have to learn about your skills then you have go on 
freelancing in this website you will be see option like 
tell about your skills write about your experience in 100 
words upload a profile etc for taking your first project 
you able to see bit option click that option to take your 
project etc..

freelancing website

Top 5 best website for freelancing 






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