What is blogging and how to start a blog and earn 

Hello guys today i will tell you what is a blogging and how to 
start a blog and how to earn money with blog lets start 

what is blogging

What is a blogging?

The blogging is a like a website the people share they skills 
and education knowledge through blogs suppose you have a 
knowledge about programming language or share market 
etc then you want to share your knowledge to world and 
how its possible then blog is helping to you to share your 

what is blogging

knowledge or skills with hold world the difference between 
blog and website is the blog is update daily and website 
is update monthly to monthly the blog is for those people 
those who want to share they  knowledge online the website 
is for taking your business online etc..

How to start a blog?

For start your own  blog you have know about blog website 
there are many types of blog platforms are there like blogger
wordpress tumblr medium and squares etc you want to create 

what is blogging

your blog for free then blogger is best for you blogger is 
a google product in blogger you have getting free sub domain 
and hosting in other website you have to take your domain 
name and hosting if you want to take your blog long then 
wordpress best platform for making career in blogs

How to earn money with blog?

How to earning money with blog by pasting ads there are many 
types of ads website like google adsense  media.net etc in 

wht is blogging

adsense you get approval from adsense in media.net also same 
process but you article must be in english and your traffic must 
be from us and canada and more way to earn like sponsorship 
affiliate marketing etc..

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