Apple macbook  air review 

The design of apple macbook air vary premium design 
thats look more attractive price of macbook 67990
the colour of macbook is golden and more  

Apple macbook  air review


The display of macbook is vary high quality display 
comes with 13.3-inch screen Intel HD Graphics 6000
with good camera you will see high quality videos 
in macbook  

Apple macbook  air review  

The camera of macbook is good camera comes
with 1440x900 pixels per inch with support
for millions of colors, 720p FaceTime HD camera 

Apple macbook  air review


The performance of apple macbook is vary high 
performance the software run on macbook easily 
and smoothly you will manage high storage 
software like photo editor android studio photo
shop easily the macbook air comes with 
1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor 8GB LPDDR3 
128GB Solid State hard drive weight 1.35kg

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